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A relaxed woman under dental sedation before treatment.

Most people feel some anxiety when it is time to visit the dentist. These feelings are natural and to be expected. When they get the best of you and are more intense than they should be, you may be tempted to avoid going to the dentist. Individuals who make this choice sometimes end up in the dental chair with severe dental pain or discomfort that could have been avoided. At Mint Dental, we help patients relax and feel calm even when their anxiety level is much higher than normal through sedation dentistry.

We provide sedation options for our patients who need help relaxing in order to undergo dental procedures. Mild sedation is applied with nitrous oxide. Higher levels of anxiety may need oral conscious sedation in order to feel relaxed and calm. Both options leave you awake and aware, but you also feel relaxed and the feelings of anxiety are greatly reduced.

Nitrous Oxide

For more than two centuries, nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, has been used to help people relax. It is administered as a gas mixed with oxygen. You breathe in the gas mixture during the procedure. When the treatment is concluded, pure oxygen is administered to clear the nitrous from your system. This type of sedation does not have any lingering effects. You will be able to drive home after treatment with nitrous oxide. This is also the most common method of helping youngsters relax and stay calm when they feel anxious, or have an abundance of energy which may interfere with their dental treatment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Another method of sedation is oral conscious sedation. This type of sedation is stronger than nitrous oxide, and it requires a time for recovery. Be prepared to have someone take you home if you use oral sedation. While you will remain conscious, you may feel groggy and very relaxed during your dental procedure.

Dr. Antoinette Liles will need a full health history before administering sedation. Be sure to provide a list of all medications and supplements you may be currently taking, as well as any medical conditions. She will speak with you, and let you know what to expect when taking sedation.

Keep your oral health at its best, even when you have dental anxiety. When you make your appointment for dental care, let us know that you are interested in sedation dentistry. Contact Mint Dental today to schedule your appointment.


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Antoinette Liles, DMD and her dental assistant performing dental treatment.
Antoinette Liles, DMD and her dental assistant performing pediatric dental treatment.
Happy National Dentist Day. Antoinette Liles, DMD performing dental checkup.
Antoinette Liles, DMD in the treatment room.
Antoinette Liles, DMD

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