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Warning Indicators of a Serious Teeth-Grinding Problem Pearl, MS
Woman with jaw pain czused by bruxism.

Everybody has anxiety now and then. When this happens, the emotional stress might manifest itself physically. Some people, for instance, have the habit of grinding or clenching their teeth whenever they feel nervous or anxious. This can happen during any time of day or night, and you may not even notice it when it does. Regardless of the cause, bruxism is a serious issue that a Dr. Antoinette Liles can treat.

When is Teeth-Grinding Considered a Serious Problem?

Do you frequently wake up with jaw pain and tooth sensitivity? Has your significant other said you keep them up at night with the noise of your teeth grinding? Do you have frequent headaches? All of these could be indications of bruxism, which warrants an immediate trip to the dentist.

In cases where bruxism is moderate, the grinding of the teeth may go unnoticed. However, in extreme cases, it can cause headaches, jaw disorders, tooth destruction and other dental problems. Eventually, it can even result in the loss of teeth.

Additional Warning Indicators of Bruxism

Bruxism is when you constantly grind your teeth unconsciously. This persistent pressure and friction quickly wear down teeth, especially chewing surfaces. If your teeth are worn down, bruxism may be the cause. If you disregard the warning and do not get treatment, the wear on your teeth will worsen, which could lead to serious dental problems.

Your bite may change when grinding wears down your teeth, impairing jaw function. As a result, certain teeth may not touch anymore when you bite. This imbalance can make your jaw hurt when you bite and may worsen your bruxism.

Even if your teeth are not wearing down, your facial muscles may be tired and sensitive. This is because your teeth grinding may have worn out those muscles. If your jaw muscles are sore and painful, tell Dr. Liles during your next biannual appointment.

Clenching and grinding hurt more than your jaw. It stresses numerous nearby systems, so you may wake up with pain elsewhere. Jaw strain can induce headaches since your jaw muscles reach your temples. Jaw clenching and grinding stress neck muscles, too.

Also, you may have ear pain because the jaw joint is close to the ear. The relationship between the jaw and the ear is complicated. As a result, you may also have tinnitus or vertigo (dizziness).

Treatments for Teeth-Grinding

You can manage stress-related teeth grinding by limiting stimulants like nicotine and caffeine and treating any underlying health problems. Also, avoid chewing gum, pens and other objects throughout the day.

Anxiety management and wearing a mouthguard when you sleep are equally crucial. A personalized mouthguard helps prevent sleep bruxism. Please call Mint Dental at (601) 882-5600 to discuss teeth-grinding treatment and schedule an exam.

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