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Start the New Year Right with A Dental Checkup Pearl, MS
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The glitz and glamor of the holidays are winding down, and if you are like many people, you enjoyed more than your share of sugary snacks. Hopefully, you kept up with your oral hygiene and managed to be dutiful with brushing and flossing. Just to be sure, you may want to consider scheduling an appointment for a checkup with your dentist. If you have college students home for the break, this is a good time to get them in to be seen as well.

The Perfect Time for Student Checkups

College students love the change from eating the high carb foods most college cafeterias provide. If they are not eating institutional food, they may be indulging in lots of comfort foods, including an over-abundance of soft drinks and more than their fair share of sweets.

High carb diets along with sugary drinks create an oral environment that is ripe for developing tooth decay. Getting a checkup during the break could mean the difference between addressing minor dental problems now or dealing with toothaches later. Not only that, but your student would probably also appreciate starting the New Year with a clean bill of oral health and smooth, clean teeth, too.

Have a Bright New Year!

What better way to start 2021 than with a beautifully bright smile. This can be achieved with a professional cleaning, and it can be made brighter still with a professional tooth whitening session. Teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic dentistry treatment requested throughout the world. This procedure is fast, simple and can create a dramatic change in appearance in only one visit.

If you are an avid coffee, tea or red wine aficionado, chances are your teeth could use some brightening up. Dark beverages and foods stain the enamel, making your teeth look dull and dingy. When those stains are eliminated, your teeth look brighter. Teeth whitening can also make you look younger.

Get 2021 off to a clean, bright start. Call Mint Dental today to schedule dental checkups for the family, and consider getting whitening treatments for a beautiful smile.

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