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Online Learning? Don’t Skip the Dental Checkup! Pearl, MS
Dental Checkup

Throughout the United States, many parents have taken on the responsibility of continuing home schooling or using virtual learning to educate their children. The pandemic made this a necessity for most parents and now that students will be returning to school, many parents have decided to opt for keeping the kids at home. For those that choose to do so, it is important to remember that those dental checkups are still important.

Many schools across the nation require that returning students have medical and dental checkups as part of their enrollment. Home-schoolers do not have this stipulation, so it is easy to forget about getting checkups until there is a need to go to the dentist.


The old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” When it comes to dental care, nothing could be truer. Dental cavities and gum disease are easily preventable with regular checkups and teeth cleanings. Even if there are issues, catching them early is the best way to prevent expensive, painful and serious consequences down the line.

In addition to the annual oral examination, if your child has permanent molars coming in, you may want to consider talking to your dentist about sealants. This procedure can help keep your child’s back teeth protected against decay.

Dental Sealants

Molars start erupting between six and seven years of age. For most children, this coincides with kindergarten or first grade. Permanent molars have deep grooves and fissures that provide harmful bacteria the perfect environment for breeding and creating cavities. Dental sealants protect these areas.

Since the 1970s, dental sealants have been used to protect the back teeth of children from decay. They can be used on primary and permanent teeth. Most often, they are used to protect the chewing surface of the permanent molars once they erupt.

The sealant material is a medical grade resin very similar to composites or the white filling material used to fill cavities. A thin layer of the sealant is placed on each tooth and cured so it will harden and prevent cavities from forming in the grooves and fissures of the teeth.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Thoroughly cleaning the teeth is another important part of the annual dental checkup. Even children can get gingivitis from plaque buildup. During the checkup, the teeth are cleaned professionally and areas that your child may be missing get a good going over. Professionally cleaned teeth and gums have a much lower risk of disease.

Homeschooling your child may be the best way for you to ensure your child has a great education during these days of uncertainty. Maintaining optimal oral hygiene is the best way to ensure that your child will have healthy teeth and gums. The annual dental checkup will help keep those teeth and gums at their best. Call today to schedule your child’s visit to Mint Dental. We are here to help keep the smiles in your family healthy.

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Antoinette Liles, DMD and her dental assistant performing pediatric dental treatment.
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