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How Mint Dental Came to Be: My Journey Pearl, MS
Dr. Antoinette Liles

Behind every successful business is the blood, sweat, and tears of a dedicated person who put their all into it. That’s why Mint Dental is one of my proudest achievements to date, and I’m thankful to every one of you who’s made it possible. Whether you are already a client and are just interested in learning more about me, or you’re browsing for a new dentist in Mississippi, welcome to my journey.

I am Dr. Antoinette Liles, an entrepreneur who dreamed of opening a dental office – the grand opening took place in May 2021. To say my dream came to life that day is an understatement: my reality came alive. Everything I had dedicated myself to and worked incredibly hard for finally came to fruition. That’s not to say it was an easy road, though. The obstacles I encountered on the way have been more than challenging.

Opening During a Pandemic

Small businesses have suffered the most during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many have been forced into closure. So, imagine how terrifying opening amid all this chaos has been. There were countless times I considered not doing it at all; putting it off, playing it safe, and staying in my comfort zone seemed somewhat appealing to me, especially living in the aftermath of divorce.

The great resignation of 2021 saw roughly 33 million Americans quit their jobs in the wake of new stresses associated with living through a pandemic. We saw workplaces get tougher and businesses go under, pushing people into impossible situations. But, I never forgot my dream. I am so grateful that I could stay resilient in the face of adversity.

Representation in Medicine Matters

First things first – we need more black women in science and medicine. Why? Because representation matters, and I am here to tell every little girl who has a dream of being in science that she can do it. I am a black businesswoman who dared to open my own practice in a male-dominated world, where accepting our lot at the bottom of the pile can feel easier than the fight. But trust me – it’s not.

Why I Do What I Do

I am passionate about all things dentistry, including dental restorative services. I believe that everyone deserves to smile proudly and often, with healthy teeth that reflect the joy we have within. That’s why I provide a comfortable and relaxing environment, to provide fear-free dentistry for all. Whether you have pain that you need to relieve or are seeking a beautiful smile, you have come to the right place.


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Antoinette Liles, DMD and her dental assistant performing dental treatment.
Antoinette Liles, DMD and her dental assistant performing pediatric dental treatment.
Happy National Dentist Day. Antoinette Liles, DMD performing dental checkup.
Antoinette Liles, DMD in the treatment room.
Antoinette Liles, DMD

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